We're going Global! (Or at least Continental!)

Those of you that know us here at Cantina Royal, know about our amazing array of fresh, housemade Signature Spicy Salsas that are unlike any salsas currently out on the market. We've developed an underground cult following for our salsas, which have become so popular that we are launching a separate salsa line, 303 Salsas.

Our Executive Chef, Julio Mora (Winner, Hot & Spicy International Iron Chef), is a veritable Dr Frankenstein of Spicy. These salsas aren't just spicy for spicy's sake, they are all about an exploration of the actions of different chiles. They are flavor-packed roller coaster rides on the palette, and each of the 18+ salsas have a totally different profile and effect on your body.

We're starting out our launch with 5 tried and true crowdpleasers, including the positively addictive YAYA Sauce, the best hot sauce you haven't tried yet.

Now available through our website are several gift packages, perfect for that Spicy Lover ;) in your life. Or you know, just for yourself, because once you taste them, YOU WON'T WANT TO SHARE.

Smoke on the Water
2 different 303 Salsas plus a sample of our YAYA Sauce along with a recipe card from Chef Julio for a quick and easy meal using one of the salsas

2 4 oz jars of 303 Salsas can request Medium or Extra-Spicy
1 50ml bottle of YAYA Sauce
Recipe Card
18 + shipping and handling

Take Me Higher
For those ready to take it to the next level, this package contains all 5 of the salsas that will make up our first offering when we go to market. All unique flavor journeys, no two are even slightly alike.

4 4 oz jars of 303 Saslas
1 10 oz bottle of YAYA Sauce
39.99 + shipping and handling

Heaven is a Place on Earth
This is the package for the ULTIMATE spicy lover. This will contain all 5 salsas PLUS 2 special limited edition salsas that won't be available for sale in any other place. Also included is a special edition artist illustrated chapbook featuring Chef Julio's hilarious personal descriptions of each salsa's (including limited editions!) flavor journey. Follow along at home as he breaks down the actions of each chile.
4 4 oz jars of 303 Saslas
1 10 oz bottle of YAYA Sauce
2 4 oz jars of Special Limited Edition salsas
Limited edition artist chapbook
59.99 + shipping and handling

303 Buzz
Terry Frishman, founder of Culinest, mentions 303 as a product she loves on Silvia Baldini's (Food Network's Chopped) blog

303 Salsas Piky Lux Salsa:
"Mexican chef Julio Mora of Cantina Royal in Brooklyn crafts an extensive line of incredible salsas. Rather than aim for just spice, he blends complex aromas, textures and tastes that, as Julio puts it, give you a lot of “action in the mouth”. My favorite is always changing, but I’m partial to the deep red color and garlicky heat of the Piky Lux salsa."

"The Salsa Master is Waiting for You in Williamsburg"

Cantina Royal, 58 North 3rd Street, Brooklyn, NY 11249
PHONE (347) 763-2938

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